What is Shearing?
What is Shearing?
What is Shearing?
Jun 27, 2017


A tube shear is a completely automatic, high-speed machine that uses two shearing plates and two ID punches under extreme pressure to cut tubing. The shearing action is the same for all sizes and wall thicknesses with maximum limits.

Speed and volume are the benefits of tube  shearing technology. The shorter the cut piece (minimum of 0.25 in.), the higher the production rate. This extremely high-output operation can produce as many as 7,000 pieces per hour in an eight-hour shift. Specific capabilities depend on the shear and the material's wall thickness.

Shearing produces no kerf loss. For high-production, smaller-OD product, this benefit can provide a significant savings in material.

Tube shearing can achieve tight tolerances. However, because of the shearing action, sheared tubing is slightly out-of-round. Other disadvantages include tooling cost—dies are custom-made for specific ID requirements—and setup time, which can take one to two hours. Therefore, shearing is not cost-effective for small runs.
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