There are five different “metallurgical” structures (or classes) of stainless steel that can be produced by using different alloying elements. Each includes many alloys and is commonly called a “stainless steel family”.


Wenzhou Taixin Stainless Steel Round Tube 304 is a versatile choice for a more lightweight means of structural support. Though it’s welded quality may make it less durable than its seamless count


316/316L STAINLESS PIPEStainless Steel Pipe 316/316L provides superior corrosion and pitting resistance in aggressive environments while maintaining the strength, durability, and workability of 3


 304/304L STAINLESS PIPEStainless Steel Pipe T-304/304L is an excellent choice for its tensile strength, high resistance to corrosion, and temperature resistance. With the ability to be ster

What is the thing called “stainless steel”

 The term “stainless steel” is used to describe more than two hundred different grades, with each one tailored to give outstanding performance in various specific applications. All metals react w

What is Shearing?

Shearing A tube shear is a completely automatic, high-speed machine that uses two shearing plates and two ID punches under extreme pressure to cut tubing. The shearing action is the sam

Cutting Techniques of Tube and Pipe

 Many factors are involved in choosing a particular method or technology for cutting tube and pipe. The basic factors that affect the cut are the tube and pipe material, wall

400 series of stainless steel applications

Cold-rolled 400 seriesstainless steel plate:Automobile exhaust system (US 35%, European Union 40%, Japan 100%), high temperature section above 600 ℃,considering the thermal fatigue, for the exhaust st

The 9th petroleum and petrochemical equipment & technology exhibition

In 27 of September, Taixin participate in the 9th petroleum and petrochemical equipment & technology exhibition as an important invitee.   This  exhibition focus on the internationa

The meeting of kitchen appliance material and process in Hangzhou

The meeting of kitchen appliance material and processing technology has been hold in Hangzhou in 2th of November. More than 200 experts of relevant company and business have been invited to take part

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